Letter: I trust Brad as my elected official because he has an incredible record on women’s issues


Brad Schneider is the right choice for Congress because he has a proven record of fighting for the people represented in the tenth district. Brad has the know-how to effectively protect and further the interests of the middle class and students like me.

While serving in Congress, Brad exemplified his proactive commitment to two of my primary concerns: college affordability and women’s issues. As a student, I believe that affordability across a range of secondary education options is crucial for my generation’s future. Because of the rising cost of education, students too often lack financial access to educational opportunities or are held back by post-graduate debt. Brad has voiced his support for equal access to quality education ranging from community colleges to universities. Speaking to a group of Northwestern University students this past fall, he listed concrete solutions such as different payback schedules on loans, payback forgiveness for employed graduates, and increased funding for public education.

Furthermore, I trust Brad as my elected official because he has an incredible record on women’s issues. Fighting for women’s rights lead to the expansion of women’s roles in the economy and in society. For issues such as the right to choose, it means that a woman has the independence to make her own decisions about her body and her health. While serving in Congress, Brad supported the Paycheck Fairness Act and maintained an A+ rating from Planned Parenthood, which provides crucial resources, such as birth control and family planning, for women. In her endorsement, Nancy Pelosi called Brad “a relentless defender of women's rights.”

On all of the most important issues that affect Americans, Brad has maintained a strong liberal record and supported practical solutions. Through his service on the House Committee for Small Business, Brad had the middle class in mind when introducing bills such as the LEARN Act, to expand on-the-job training programs. Because of actions such as standing firm against a $300 million cut to the Great Lakes Restoration Fund, Brad won an endorsement from the Sierra Club. Brad’s first speech from the U.S. House floor was on defending sensible gun safety legislation. He followed this speech with a zero rating from the NRA during his tenure.

In many more actions like these examples, Brad has worked to strengthen the middle class, protect Social Security and Medicare, help veterans and military families, support the Affordable Care Act, advocate for immigration reform, and fight for LGBT rights. His record is a strong signifier of his future commitment to me and constituents all across the district. Brad’s experience in Congress will ensure his success as a communicative and effective representative to Congress.

Jing Qu, 21

Lincolnshire, IL