Letter: Brad Schneider is the reason this young voter will be voting


“This election would be so different if young voters got out and voted!”

It’s unfortunate how true that sentence is, especially when realizing the root problem is that young voters simply don’t feel they have a reason to get out and vote: Brad Schneider was the reason I voted for the first time in 2014.

In 2014, I didn’t vote for a political party, nor did I vote for an agenda: I voted for a candidate who supported my values and beliefs. I proudly voted for Brad Schneider because he proved himself to be a strong and effective leader who was willing to reach across the aisle and represent his constituents with honor and respect. As a young voter, I needed a candidate who inspired me to vote: Brad Schneider was and continues to be that candidate.

I voted for Brad because he stood up for the issues that mattered to me. Prior to volunteering on his campaign in 2014, I spent my summer in Israel. During my time in the small Middle-Eastern democracy, a wave of violence and attacks against innocent Israeli civilians began to unfold. We’d later know this to be the 50 day conflict, Operation Protective Edge. While most were remaining silent, Brad Schneider condemned the attacks immediately. He published his wishes for peace in the region while condemning the vicious terror attacks that inhibited that goal. But Brad’s words had teeth.

Brad has introduced two key pieces of legislation that have helped strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance: Israel Qualitative Enhancement Act (2013) and the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act (2014). Brad hasn’t just stopped there—he’s proven his commitment through countless trips to Israel and with his statements that continue to echo those of his constituents.

I will be voting for Brad Schneider in 2016 for the same reason I proudly voted for him in 2014: he’s a strong, effective leader who represents my values and beliefs. Brad’s commitment to Israel, even when it’s not popular, is further proof that he holds true to his convictions and to those of the 10th district.

Brad Schneider is the reason this young voter will be voting.

Toby Klein