Brad Schneider to Bob Dold: Stay in Washington And Do Your Job


Republicans leave town for summer vacation without addressing gun safety, Zika, the Voting Rights Act, or immigration reform

[NORTHBROOK, ILL.] – As House Republicans announced they were cancelling votes on Friday to go on their extended summer recess a day early, Democraticcandidate for Congress Brad Schneider called for Republican incumbent Bob Dold to stay in Washington and do the job he was elected to do.

In advance of the Republican convention next week, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan announced they were canceling Friday’s votes and headed out of town, leaving a tall stack of unaddressed issues on the table:

·         Gun safety

·         Zika vaccine funding

·         Voting Rights Act

·         Immigration

“It is reckless and negligent for Bob Dold and his fellow House Republicans to go on vacation without addressing any number of common-sense issues that the American people are demanding we solve,” said Brad Schneider. “Illinois voters deserve a representative that focuses on actually addressing the issues important to the voters in the district rather than paying lip service while enabling further intransigence and dysfunction. Regrettably, Republican Bob Dold is slinking out of town, ignoring gun violence, delaying lifesaving Zika vaccines, disenfranchising minority voters, and kicking the can once more on immigration reform and so much more.”