Congressman Bob Dold Signs Undisclosed Contract with Republican Campaign Committee


Rep. Dold makes unknown promises to National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) in exchange for campaign and fundraising support 

Deerfield, IL – Last week, the Washington Post reported that Republican House members, including Bob Dold, in the NRCC’s Patriot program signed a lengthy contract with the NRCC.  The contract, which is not disclosed to the public, requires members to detail out their legislative agenda, including “political justifications for those goals.”

In exchange for signing the contract, members will receive what the Washington Post described as “special attention and access to mounds of campaign cash.” 

“This is everything that’s wrong with Washington,” said Democrat Brad Schneider.  “How can Bob Dold be independent for the people of Illinois when he is signing contracts about legislative agendas with Republican leadership?  Getting reelected should never be more important than doing what’s right.” 

Bob Dold’s support from the Republican establishment is widely documented.  Earlier this year, Congressman Paul Ryan put Dold on his list of strong conservatives, and Dold has voted for each and every one of Ryan’s dangerous budget proposals from 2011-2012 and again in 2015.  The Ryan budgets aim to end Medicare as we know it, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and drastically cut student loans, among other things.  In total, Republican Bob Dold has voted more than 30 times to get rid of the health care law that has been approved by Congress, American voters, and the Supreme Court.  

Also earlier this year, Dold was appointed to the coveted Ways and Means Committee.  In addition, Bob Dold has received more money from Wall Street sources this year than any other candidate in the country.