Democrat Brad Schneider Condemns Donald Trump’s Comments About Orlando Tragedy


NORTHBROOK, IL— Today, Democrat candidate for Congress Brad Schneider (IL-10) released a statement about Donald Trump’s
comments about President Obama in relation to tragic shooting in Orlando. 
“Donald Trump’s comments yesterday and today are not only unbecoming of a Presidential candidate, they are also downright un-American. While the rest of us were watching the wrenching news unfold from Orlando, and justly grieving for those lost and wounded, Donald Trump was playing partisan politics.  Instead of demonstrating presidential-caliber leadership, or even basic human decency, Trump waged disgusting personal attacks and spread fear and misinformation. At a time when America needed leaders with empathy, he gave us nothing but narcissistic rantings.  
“In the aftermath of yet another awful tragedy such as this, it is more important than ever that we come together to take thoughtful and concrete action to confront the threats of ISIS-insipired terrorists, address the epidemic of mass shootings, stand with the LGBT and other communities against hate crimes, and make it ever more difficult for would-be evil-doers to get access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.”
- Democratic candidate for Congress Brad Schneider (IL-10), 6.13.16