Democrat Brad Schneider Speaks Out About Donald Trump’s Offensive Comments


Speaks Out About Donald Trump's Offensive Comments

NORTHBROOK, IL— Today, Democrat candidate for Congress Brad Schneider (IL-10) spoke out against Republican nominee Donald Trump’s continued racist and offensive comments and called out his opponent Republican Robert Dold for continuing to look the other way.

 “While Donald Trump is hurling one racist slur after another, and launching personal verbal assaults on everyone from women and Mexican-Americans to Muslims and the disabled, it is not enough for Congressman Bob Dold to disapprovingly shake his head and simply walk the other way.

 "In times of crisis, when the dignity of our nation and the safety of our people are at stake, leaders must forcefully reject the politics of hate. Leaders have to make difficult choices and take bold action. Bob Dold’s “write-in” is the equivalent to a man nodding his disapproval over arson, while failing to grab a bucket or yelling for the help to come and put out the blaze.

 "In fact, Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric is nothing short of political arson. By stoking the flames of hate, Trump is creating a climate that is poisoning our political process and beneath the dignity of our country.  

 "I will not be silent nor stand idly by while Donald Trump trashes the foundational principles that define our great nation.  Every American should be outraged by Trump’s attacks on good people, whether individually or as a group. Edmund Burke long ago noted that: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."