NEW AD: Barack Obama Urges Voters to Elect Brad Schneider

Schneider honored and grateful for Obama’s support in campaign for Congress

NORTHBROOK, IL— Today, Democrat Brad Schneider released a new television advertisement featuring and narrated by Barack Obama.

Speaking straight into the camera, Obama reminds viewers of the high stakes in this election and urges them to vote for Schneider to protect Medicare and Social Security, pass commonsense gun safety legislation, and protect women’s rights.

“It is a true honor to have the support of Barack Obama and I am incredibly grateful for his help communicating our message,” said Schneider. “From equality to expanding healthcare, I am committed to protecting the progress we have made over the last eight years, and I look forward to working with Hillary Clinton to build on Obama’s legacy by finally passing comprehensive immigration reform and commonsense gun safety legislation.”

The ad begins airing widely this week on broadcast television and online.


Barack Obama:

This is not your typical election.

It’s not just a choice between parties or policies.

It’s about who we are as a people.

Vote for Brad Schneider and the Democrats.

So we can keep America’s promise to our seniors.

Protect our kids and our cops from gun violence.

And preserve a woman’s right to choose.

Join me. Reject cynicism and fear.

Reach for what we know is possible.

Support Brad Schneider and the Democrats.

Brad Schneider:

I’m Brad Schneider and I approve this message.