Republican Congressman Dold Votes To Cut Medicare


After promising voters he will protect Medicare, Bob Dold voted for $700 million in Medicare cuts

Deerfield, IL – Yesterday, Republican Bob Dold voted to cut $700 million from Medicare.  This is the fourth time in four months that Congressman Dold has voted to hurt the vital program that millions of American seniors rely on for guaranteed, quality health care.  His vote comes in spite of repeated assurances to voters throughout his 2014 campaign that he will always protect Medicare.

"If Dold's votes to turn Medicare into a voucher program weren't bad enough,” said Democrat Brad Schneider, “today he continued his pattern of saying one thing and doing another by voting to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicare." 

This latest vote came after Congressman Dold’s continued and consistent support for the extreme Republican budgets that would end the guarantee of Medicare.  As a member of Congress, Dold voted for each and every one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s dangerous budget proposals from 2011-2012 and again in 2015.