Schneider and Local Leaders Unite in Support of Joe Biden for President


37 elected officials from Illinois's 10th Congressional District endorse Biden ahead of March 17 primary

NORTHBROOK, IL – Today, Congressman Brad Schneider and 37 elected officials and community leaders representing Illinois’s Tenth Congressional District announced their enthusiastic support for Joe Biden ahead of the Illinois primary on Tuesday, March 17. 

While some, including Schneider, already publicly endorsed Biden, others previously supported other candidates in the primary and some had not yet made any decision. Yet all are now united in their choice of Joe Biden as the best candidate to lead our party and nation in 2020. 

“We need a leader who will restore America’s standing in the world, fight for working families, and bring our country together. Joe Biden is that candidate, and there is strong enthusiasm for his campaign across the Tenth Congressional District. There is more at stake in 2020 than just defeating President Trump - we also need a nominee who will unite our party, take back the Senate, defend our House majority, and lead us to Democratic victories in crucial down ballot races as well. I am proud to stand alongside so many community leaders and local elected officials to support Joe Biden’s campaign here in Illinois,” said Schneider.

  The list below is supporting Joe Biden for President.  

  • State Senator Laura Fine, 9th District 
  • State Senator Laura Murphy, 28th District 
  • State Senator Julie Morrison, 29th District
  • State Senator Melinda Bush, 31st District 
  • State Representative Marty Moylan, 55th District 
  • State Representative Jonathan Carroll, 57th District 
  • State Representative Bob Morgan, 58th District 
  • State Representative Dan Didech, 59th District 
  • State Representative Joyce Mason, 61st District 
  • State Representative Sam Yingling, 62nd District 
  • Lake County Board Chair, Sandy Hart
  • Lake County Board Member Mary Ross-Cunningham, 9th District
  • Lake County Board Member Jessica Vealitzek, 10th District
  • Lake County Board Member Paul Frank, 11th District
  • Lake County Board Member Julie Simpson, 18th District
  • Lake County Board Member Marah Altenberg, 20th District 
  • Cook County Commissioner Scott Britton, 14th District
  • Mayor of Waukegan, Sam Cunningham
  • Mayor of Highland Park, Nancy Rotering
  • Mayor of North Chicago, Leon Rockingham
  • Deerfield Village Trustee, Mary Oppenheim
  • Deerfield Village Trustee, Dan Shapiro 
  • Glenview Village Trustee, Debby Karton
  • Highland Park City Councilwoman, Alyssa Knobel
  • Highland Park City Councilwoman, Kim Stone
  • Vernon Township Supervisor, Jon Altenberg
  • Vernon Township Trustee, Phil Hersh
  • Vernon Township Trustee, Sheila Sebor
  • Vernon Township Trustee, Roger Adelson
  • Benton Township Democrats Chair, Joy Mix
  • Fremont Township Democrats Chair, Matt Lowry
  • Northfield Township Democrats Chair, Tracy Katz-Muhl 
  • Vernon Township Democrats Chair, Traci Fine
  • Warren Township Democrats Chair, Jim Neel
  • Waukegan Township Democrats Chair, Cynthia Jackson
  • Former Mayor of Buffalo Grove, Elliott Hartstein