Schneider Calls on Bob Dold and House Republicans to Vote on “No Fly, No Buy” Legislation


Applauds Democrats for Staging Sit-In on House Floor
NORTHBROOK, IL - As House Democrats today continue their call for action on sensible gun safety legislation with a sit in on the House Floor, Democrat for Congress, Brad Schneider (IL-10), called on his opponent Republican Bob Dold and his fellow Republicans to take immediate action on passing “No Fly, No Buy” legislation to prevent people on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy guns. 
“It’s been 10 days since the shooting at Pulse and 1,286 days since the tragedy at Newtown and we still have yet to see any legislative action on commonsense gun safety legislation,” said Schneider. “I would have been proud to join today with all those standing at John Lewis’s shoulder in their efforts to bring gun safety legislation to a vote. We simply cannot wait another day to take action.”
“Just a week ago Republican Bob Dold stood in the exact same place on the House Floor as John Lewis stood today, also demanding action on passing gun safety legislation…only to vote against bringing the very bill to a vote.  Sadly, today Bob Dold is strikingly absent,” said Schneider spokesperson Magen Ryan."Bob Dold continues to put words before action and holds party allegiance above passing this critical legislation.  In just the past several months, Mr. Dold has voted with Republicans 13 times to block a vote on “No Fly, No Buy,” and continues to refuse to sign the petition that would give him, and all members of the House, the opportunity to vote on this critical issue. Actions speak louder than words and it’s clear that the Tenth District cannot count on Republican Bob Dold to do all he can, including crossing party lines, to pass even the most commonsense gun safety reforms.”