Schneider Closing Message: Bipartisan Credentials, Cutting Taxes, Lowering Prescription Drug Costs




Above: a still from Brad’s new ad, “Less Yelling, Better Results”

HIGHLAND PARK, IL – Today, Congressman Brad Schneider released his new positive ad, “Less Yelling, Better Results”

The ad highlights Brad's bipartisan work and the accomplishments of his time in Congress, including cutting taxes and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. 
The ad's script is below: 
Brad: When I wanted to just speak directly to voters, they said it could be boring...

But I think less yelling leads to better results.

That’s how I worked with both parties, passed a tax cut, and lowered prescription drug costs.

How I passed the largest ever investment in tackling climate change.

And how after tragedies like Highland Park, and setbacks like overturning Roe, I went to work...

Pushing for real gun safety and protecting women’s reproductive freedom in Illinois.

I’m Brad Schneider. I approve this message because... if getting results is boring, well maybe boring is just better.