Schneider to Dold: Silence on Trump is Deafening


 Attacks on Gold Star military family demand a response


NORTHBROOK, IL – Democrat Brad Schneider today called on his opponent Republican Congressman Bob Dold to disavow Donald Trump’s most recent attacks on a Gold Star military family:

 “It has been nearly a week since Donald Trump initiated his vile racist attacks on the patriotism of Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, and yet Bob Dold continues to watch silently from the sidelines,” said Brad Schneider. “Humayun Khan’s service to his country, his ultimate sacrifice, and the incredible dignity and grace of his parents exemplify the very best of America.” 

“So much of what Trump says and believes is beyond the pale, but these attacks on the Khans sink to a new low,” continued Schneider. “It is profoundly disappointing that Republican Congressman Dold is comfortable remaining silent in the face of Trump’s outrages instead of using his position to stand up to the leader of his party. I urge Bob Dold to join principled Americans of both parties by loudly and forcefully disavowing Donald Trump’s dangerous remarks.”

 While Dold buries his head in the sand, many Republicans, from Mark Kirk to John McCain, have condemned Trump’s attacks on the Khan family. Today,Congressman Richard Hanna of New York publicly declared he will vote for Clinton in November, calling Donald Trump “unfit to serve” both as the Republican nominee and as president.

 "It's not enough for Republican members of Congress to withhold support for Donald Trump but then remain silent as his hateful, divisive and disgusting attacks escalate,” said Schneider for Congress spokesperson Steven Kirsch. “Instead of showing real leadership, Dold puts politics before people. His silence on Donald Trump's attack on the Khan family is another example of his failure to actually buck his party when it matters most.”