Statement from Brad Schneider


NORTHBROOK, IL— Today, Democrat Brad Schneider released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump is an offensive and dangerous demagogue who cannot be elected President,” said Schneider. “It’s not enough for Bob Dold to refuse to vote for Trump while still actively campaigning to beat the only viable alternative, Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what Dold’s TV ad implies, these two candidates are not equivalent. If Bob Dold is serious about preventing a Donald Trump presidency, he should quit the political games, join us in endorsing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and urge his supporters to do the same.”


  • Dold recently headlined a fundraiser to “Beat Hillary at the Distillery,” to raise money for pro-Trump political groups.

  • Dold recently began airing a new television advertisement that absurdly equates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The ad begins by juxtaposing a clip of Trump calling Clinton “the devil” to Hillary Clinton asking about Donald Trump’s record.
  • Dold still refuses to say who he will vote for in November, recently suggesting he will cast his ballot for a yet-to-be-named write-in candidate, which under Illinois’ law would not be counted.