Statement on U.N. Security Council Resolution



WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congressman-elect Brad Schneider (IL-10) released the following statement:

 “I urgently call on President Obama to forcefully veto the proposed resolution on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in the U.N. Security Council. The resolution overwhelmingly assigns blame to Israel, while averting direct criticism of Palestinian incitement and violence. Preventing this grossly one-sided resolution from passing through the Security Council would continue the United States’ decades-long commitment to resolving the conflict through direct, bilateral negotiations, rather than unbalanced mandates from the U.N.

“Such resolutions do little but continue the U.N.’s long record of seeking to delegitimize Israel. The only path to two states, living ‘side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders,’ is through direct negotiations between the two sides. Efforts to force a solution at the U.N. or to internationalize the issue are misguided, and risk moving peace further away, not closer.”