Social Security & Medicare

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Securing Social Security & Medicare for our Future

In this country, we take care of the generations that came before us.  I’m proud to be part of a compassionate society that doesn’t turn its back on its citizens when they most need our help. But our social safety nets are under attack from many Republicans who want to privatize or gut these critical programs. We must keep the promises we’ve made to seniors, and I will continue to stand strong against attacks on these crucial programs.

In the years since Ida May Fuller received the very first Social Security check on January 31, 1940, we have taken great pride in delivering to seniors the promises that we made. In Congress, I have fought against the privatization of Social Security, insulating it from the kind of financial gambling that precipitated our 2008 economic downturn.

The seniors who helped to build our families and our communities should be guaranteed access to affordable, quality health care. In Congress, I’m working to protect Medicare from Republican attempts to convert the program to a risky, expensive voucher plan. Republicans want to end the Medicare guarantee that our seniors have counted on for years, leaving our seniors on their own with major healthcare decisions and costs. No one should have to choose between heating their homes and maintaining their health. That’s why I voiced my strong opposition and voted against extreme attempts to turn Medicare into a voucher program.